And the Cycle Starts Again

Today I’ve received a very special email – the renewal of my MVP Award for the period 2018-2019. Those who had received the award before knows how cherished is the moment that you see the email on your inbox.
The best part of the award is the confirmation that what you are doing is been recognized as having an impact on the community – which is the reason why you do the work in the first place. The renewal shows that you didn’t lose steam, but keep going in the right direction.
But it wouldn’t be a post about the MVP Award, without recognizing the support network behind me that gives me the chance to do all the community contribution I do.
I am privileged to work on a company that recognizes that sharing knowledge is a great way to expand our network – and because of that supports me on public speaking engagements, my involvement on cross companies user groups, among other activities. Thanks Theta for all the support.

I am blessed to have a wife that understands that I actually do this because of the personal satisfaction which sharing knowledge and giving back to the community gives me. Which understands the travels, the late nights working on forum questions, blog posts, the early morning meetings or webcasts (living on the other side of the world have its drawbacks… :-D).

And of course a community of peers that is as passionate to share knowledge as I am. The international Integration community became kind of a another family, with “cousins” all over the world. Is the type of community that spends a whole day discussing the same topic (people walking up and adding to the discussion – different views, different insights, all adding to the conversation) or that spend months organizing events like the Global Integration Bootcamp, which although supported by Microsoft is fully organized and ran by community members. And it is important to notice here that this community encompasses much more than just the Azure MVPs – it includes Microsoft employees and consultants from various parts of the world, all sharing knowledge, meeting at conferences around the world, or simply discussing and sharing on twitter (and pulling the leg occasionally too :-D).

So thank you all of you that helped me continue being relevant and making an impact on the integration community! And let the cycle starts again, because what the MVP renewal really means is that a cycle finished and it is time to work on new contributions.

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