2017 – a year of firsts

It is Saturday, the last Saturday of my Christmas holiday, and the weather is not exactly “friendly”, so instead of playing in a beach, I am home getting ready for work on Monday.

That reminded me that although I wanted, I didn’t wrote the classic “year in review post” for 2017 – and by classic I mean, the first ever for this blog… 😀 Continue reading “2017 – a year of firsts”

Hour of Code 2017

It has been a while since the last post. Between work and a bit of author’s block (hey it is a good excuse as any), a month or so went by and no posts.

But there is something that was not exactly technical that I would like to share – I had an awesome experience running an Hour of Code event at the kids’ school. What started with a conversation with Andrea Howard, the Learning Support Teacher at Arahoe School, end up being a big event at school with all year 3, 4, 5 and 6 participating over two days. Continue reading “Hour of Code 2017”

Unlocking Azure Hybrid Integration with BizTalk Server

Last June I was one of the presenters at Integrate 2017. And man, I had a blast! Can’t thank enough Theta for sponsoring me going to the event, and Biztalk360 for having me as presenter. It was an amazing experience…

Today the video of my presentation has been published. So go check it out and also check out the amazing presentations on this year’s edition.

Putting theory into Practice

Continue reading “Unlocking Azure Hybrid Integration with BizTalk Server”

Developing Logic Apps in the Portal

When it comes to developing Logic Apps, everyone has a preference. Some people like to develop in the portal, while others like to start development directly from Visual Studio. I am in the first group mainly because a lot of my logic apps involves integration with the Dynamics 365 CRM connector, which doesn’t play well with the Logic Apps editor after I apply the required parameterization (which reminds me that I have to blog about that – will write something about it soon). I also like the simplicity of just opening the browser and be able to develop, debug all in one go.

Continue reading “Developing Logic Apps in the Portal”

API Management Gotcha – Empty Body Definition

A while ago I saw a question in the forums where someone was trying to use a POST operation using the API Management action in Logic Apps and the action card didn’t have any way to input the body object.

To replicate the issue I’ve create a very simple logic app, so simple in fact that I didn’t even bother to define a trigger schema. After creating a new API using that logic app, to my surprise I also couldn’t find any input for the message body. Continue reading “API Management Gotcha – Empty Body Definition”

Rethinking an old Logic App deployment package- part IV

Previously in Note to self…

I got one step closer to my goal to export all logic apps from a resource group to a Visual Studio project, using linked templates to deploy all logic apps in one when required, but still being able to deploy individual logic apps for a patch template. In previous posts, I’ve managed to use the extend a open source component originally created by Jeff Hollan and maintained by Mattias Lögdberg, adding a couple of extra cmdlets. You can get the last post here.

Visual Studio ARM Deployment Project

For the last step in this process, I needed to create an Azure Resource Manager deployment project. I decided to go through the most pragmatic route – to use an existing project as template. So as a first step, I created an empty Azure Resource Group VS project and tried to find out how artefacts can be associated to it. Continue reading “Rethinking an old Logic App deployment package- part IV”

Rethinking an old Logic App deployment package – part III

Previously in Note to self…

I’ve been discussing how I’ve leveraged Jeff Hollan’s Logic App Template Generator and some PowerShell goodness to export a ARM templates to all Logic Apps in a specific resource group. You can read about that here.

Linking ARM Templates together

Azure Resource Manager templates have the ability to link templates, creating a “parent-child” or “nested” relationship, allowing a single template to deploy resources that are defined in various individual templates. The advantages of this technique in my opinion are:

  • Each resource can be defined in isolation, which makes maintenance of that resource simpler.
  • Related components can be grouped in “parent” templates for a simpler deployment experience, but they can still be deployed individually if required.

This was exactly the type of solution I was looking for, after having to deal with the pain of replacing a logic app template in the middle of a monolithic ARM template containing another 15 templates. That would usually take a couple of hours to make sure that the template was replaced correctly and nothing was removed that would make the deploy to break. Continue reading “Rethinking an old Logic App deployment package – part III”

Rethinking an old Logic App deployment package – part II

Previously in Note to self…

I’ve been discussing how my first Logic App deployment package was not exactly what I’ve envisaged. So when I had a chance to revamp it, I jumped into the opportunity. You can read about that here.

Logic App Template Generator

I’ve decided to use Jeff Hollan’s Logic App Template Generator – a PowerShell utility that Jeff created sometime ago and have made available on GitHub. Jeff’s PowerShell module have a two cmdlets: Continue reading “Rethinking an old Logic App deployment package – part II”

Rethinking an old Logic App deployment package – Part I

Some time ago I had the opportunity to work on a big Logic Apps implementation. The project was a big success and I’ve learned a lot… but one thing always bugged me on that project: the way I’ve tackled deployment. It was a mix of me, my team getting used to logic apps and the tooling still on early stages.

Almost a year later and I have the opportunity to revisit this deployment setup, as I’m working on some updates in the logic apps. So I’m taking this opportunity to try to create the deployment package the way I think it should be. My plan is to document the new “thinking”, any gotchas and tools I’m using along the way. So expect a series of blog posts as this evolves. Continue reading “Rethinking an old Logic App deployment package – Part I”

What’s in a name


I’ve used this hashtag as a reminder of things that I’ve found,  I did wrong, lessons I learned by accident or the hard way many times before. So when I thought what would be a good name for a new personal blog, this idea kept coming back to my mind. So there you go… My first tech blog – I had another blog a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, when I first came to NZ to keep family and friends informed of my journey to the other side of the world.

What can you expect of this blog? My “notes to self” around the fantastic world of Microsoft Integration. I will try to document things as I learn, gotchas, latest news – whatever I think would be worth coming back later to remind myself. And you.

What I wouldn’t expect if I were you – daily updates, long posts (who am I kidding? If I write like I talk, there will be a chunk of long posts yes), things unrelated to technology (well maybe in rare cases).

So if you made all the way here, thanks, and sit back, relax and enjoy reading as much as I will enjoy writing.

Cheers, Wagner.